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Haven’t you always wondered about the inner, creative lives of our designers and artists? We have. What are their days like? What is the creative process they experience? What do their studios look like?

This inspired us to go a little deeper into the relationships we have created with them.

We are excited and proud to introduce A Designer Video Series, a weekly release of videos by Andrew Tomayko and Sasha Schneider.

The owners of TWIST (Sasha’s parents) have directed countless hours of effort towards curating a unique, powerful and varied jewelry collection for Twist and have traveled all over the world to seek out designers whose style and craftsmanship are in alignment with their aesthetic and professional values. They have taken the time to develop personal relationships with these creators which has become the heart of their business. Our goal with this series is to help the audience feel this same connection.


Judy Geib, designer, with Sasha in Judy’s Brooklyn studio. WATCH VIDEO >

From Sasha: “We realized on our first shoot with Judy Geib that this project is exactly what we were hoping for. Her studio is covered with precious metals and stones, drawings and books, her desk is beautiful chaos. We were already having an amazing conversation before we could even get her mic’d. When we asked her to sit for the interview she immediately sat at her bench and started doing what she does best. So off we went, capturing Judy as she describes her unconventional approach to jewelry making, while actually making jewelry. It was a dream.

“Each designer we’ve had the pleasure of filming has shown us their own special techniques and methods. They somehow make it look easy, but behind each of their visions is a tremendous amount of skill. We had no idea how much effort it actually takes to create one piece of jewelry by hand. Twist is home to some of the finest designers in the world and it is an honor to be able to spend time with them in this capacity.”

Watch the rest of the series here!


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