oh Portland!


Moving to Portland over 20 years ago during my young, innocent and naive twenties, I had no idea this emerald city would transform into the traffic-clogged, coffee-infused, foodie-destination, hipster-mecca it
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and what a time it was...


This past weekend, many Oregonians (and other ‘travelers’) secluded themselves in a dense, mossy forest away from time and place to immerse themselves in a fanciful fair steeped in hippie
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so wild…and beautiful!


Portland isn’t all plaid shirts, beards and hipsters. We have star-studded movie premiers based on books by amazingly talented writers. So take that L.A.! This week, Portland hosted the first
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   As in an amazing, whirlwind photo shoot with photographer Mikola Accuardi, model Kelsey McNiece, and make-up artist Monica Ninh above Beam and Anchor in their amazing shared studio space.
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pretty in pink. and white.


Delightful perfume. Perfect colors. Ruffles of blossoms. Simple elegance. Pink. White. Peony season. Straight from the farm to bouquets being sold on the street corner. Summer is near. Enjoy the
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and then there's us.


When Portland looks like this: … the bosses head to the city of sun and style. They get to see brilliant, creative designers like Beth Orduna:   Drool over stunning
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