the birds and the beads ... joseph brooks jewelry.


  The first time I met Joseph Brooks, he looked at me with his stunning, pool-blue eyes and said, “I’m the bird man!” And I knew he meant what he
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oh Portland!


Moving to Portland over 20 years ago during my young, innocent and naive twenties, I had no idea this emerald city would transform into the traffic-clogged, coffee-infused, foodie-destination, hipster-mecca it
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oh, dezso!


One of the most fascinating collections at TWIST is the beach-inspired, sophisticated surfer jewelry from Sara Beltran, creator of Dezso. Loosely translated, ‘dezso’ means ‘desire’. And this jewelry … well, we
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and the winner is.


So I believe The Oscars are coming up. Despite the unfortunate monochromatic line up of nominees this year, I am looking forward to an evening spent scrutinizing outfits, jewelry, make-up
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my way.


Certainly these are familiar words to a mother. From the stop-drop-and-roll tantrum of a two year old to the sighing-eye-roll of the fourteen year old, we’ve seen it all. Yes.
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