daydream believer …


… is my view today.

It’s so bright and vibrant I can’t stop looking at it (and, consequently, away from my computer). Portland has enjoyed over two weeks of perfectly blue skies the color of these:

It got me thinking about my obsessions for autumn. And I have many. Most are jewelry and clothing related, but some have to do with new husbands and larger houses personal growth and making this world a better place. (That last part sounded good, didn’t it?)

Anyway, whilst staring at this intense explosion of color, my thoughts turned to the sad state of my closet. This season, I really want to expand my clothing and jewelry palette to more than just brown and black. I’ll stick to these dark tones for staples (like these boots  – buy them out from under me and I will cut you!), but I’m going to start to add some bold color here and there. Like:

The earrings are still neutral in their burnt butter and persimmon orange and the bracelet adds a hint of cranberry to my mostly black, brown and gold signature mish-mash collection.


Nail polish is easy and non-committal – I could dig the canary yellow as long as it was applied perfectly. The cute merlot skinnies are fun and not too bright and remind me of a pair I snagged from a consignment shop in college. And the hair. Well, I was going to let my thirteen year old try that one.

Happy October –


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