quick jaunt to mexico with dezso…

Are you ready? Bikini packed? Juicy novel to read on the beaches of Mexico? Sunscreen? Ok, good. Then we are ready to join Sara Beltran of Dezso jewelry on a quick, sun-filled trip!

170503_Dezso_Palm-PaintingWalking the sandy beaches is one of the many places Sara finds inspiration for her surf-themed jewelry collection.

The myriad of shapes found in the sea shells she collects are then carved from moonstone, labradorite, and onyx, framed in 18K rose gold, and set into charms.

170503_Dezso_Sara-ShellsSketches turn into moody watercolors which then turn into 18K rose gold inlay.


on left: Dezso’s La Palmera Black Enamel Charm Pendant, $1122.

Sharks have always held a fascination and have appeared by way of their fins in many of her pieces.


Hanging from her 18K Rose Gold Wave Wire Necklace, $1562, are a multitude of Shark Tooth Garnet Pendants, $550 each.

Playful charms echo elements of tropical life.

Sara adds her signature elements to hand-woven cotton bracelets found in Mexican street markets.

Really? We have to go back already? But I was JUST getting relaxed!

170503_Dezso_sunsetxo, a.

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