Welcome to TWIST Erika Winters!


This Seattle based designer lives, works, and designs from her historic, 1890’s studio. Inspired¬†by the rich, romantic architecture around her, Erika’s collection of stunning bridal jewelry echoes elements of vintage pieces perfectly balanced with a bold, modern sensibility.

Her love for Victorian antiques and Old World shapes fuels her designs which seamlessly crossover from alternative to traditional.

After her husband proposed to her with a diamond ring, Erika became completely obsessed with all things jewelry. She received her GIA gemologist certification, worked as a jewelry writer and photographer, and began to design a bridal collection for a friend.

Each meticulously hand-wrought ring is made in Seattle where Erika takes great pride in employing local metal smiths and stone setters.

Erika-Winters-HandWith its dreamy, yet bold and contemporary, elegance, this collection exudes nothing less than a strong sense of modern style steeped in the elements of old.


And welcome Erika!

xo, a.

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