TWISTonline and TWIST in Portland and Seattle are excited to welcome the modern, iconic, and statement-making collection of Hoorsenbuhs.

From their Santa Monica atelier, Kether Parker and Robert Keith have ignited a modern energy into the traditional concept of a fine-jewely house. With pieces being collected, worn and obsessed over by Jay Z, Rihanna, Mary-Kate Olsen, David Beckham, and Kanye West, they have created a several straightforward signature collections. With a firm footing in the fashion world, their strong, substantial, and recognizable designs have catapulted them to cult-status level in the designer jewelry world.


Robert Keith and Kether Parker of Hoorsenbuhs



Rhihanna wearing Phantom Rings.


Mary-Kate Olsen wearing her Hoorsenbuhs jewels.

Read article in Elle Magazine > here.

Fantasize about which piece you would buy > here.

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