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When we saw the large scale, dramatic gold hoops and slinky, fluid snake chains, we knew we had scored a collection of modern classics. Echoing the glam vibe of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the hand made jewlery of 14K yellow gold exudes such an effortless vibe it is destined to be the perfect staple in any contemporary jewelry box.

Kathleen-Whitaker-PortraitAfter living in New York City and working in the museum, PR, and financial realms, Kathleen Whitaker moved to Los Angeles where she creates her collection of pure metal jewelry.

Snake Chain On

14K yellow gold snake chains are perfect worn with everything: Thin Gold Snake Chain, $630; Thicker Gold Snake Chain, $1130.


Flat, single sequin studs in different sizes can be worn in multiple piercings: 12mm Single Sequin, $190; 9mm Single Sequin, $80; 5mm Single Sequin, $54; 4mm Single Sequin, $46; 3mm Single Sequin, $40.


Bold and edgy, the Single Gold Plane Earring, $450, adds a modern, asymmetry.


Yes yes yes! Loving the come back of the classic gold hoops: Large Gold Hoops, $500; Medium Gold Hoops, $350; Small Gold Hoops, $310; Extra Small Gold Hoops, $170.

Kathleen Whitaker

Simplicity, geometry, and an effortless vibe make these pieces instant, timeless, trendless, and enduring classics.

xo, a.


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