oh Portland!

Moving to Portland over 20 years ago during my young, innocent and naive twenties, I had no idea this emerald city would transform into the traffic-clogged, coffee-infused, foodie-destination, hipster-mecca it has become.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this place where the summers are long, lush and full of fresh veggies, vibrant flowers and trips to paradise-like swimming holes. Where winters are drenched in cozy, dew-like rain (great for the complexion!), snuggling up with a book is the norm on a Friday night and festive activities abound. We are close to the beach, mountains and high desert and you can ski, kayak, sail, surf or hike in as little as a half hour from where you begin.

And, more importantly, the style we have incubated, paraded and have become known for is as true as the beer is delicious.

Here is just a hint of our Portland:


right: the 24/7 line at VooDoo Donuts (yes, it’s always like that) and the bright deliciousness inside the iconic pink box; left, top to bottom: Jamie Joseph’s Smooth Oval Pink Tourmaline Ring, $1132. and her Vertical African Ruby Rectangle Ring, $2010.

Ah yes, The Pink Box. People carry them in the streets and on airplanes, holding on for dear life should the contents spill or, worse yet, be snatched by a carb-craving stranger. They contain the sugary goodness that is Voodoo Donuts. Imagine a traditional glazed variety absolutely encrusted with Fruit Loops, Cap’n Crunch, or purple sprinkles and ‘grape dust’ (no…I have no idea what this is…). Yep, that’s what it’s all about.


left: Amrapali Double Enamel Pendant Necklace, $720.; right: Arik Kastan Round Garnet and Turquoise Mandala Ring, $946.


Just some of the street / garden / house / building / public art around Portlandia!

Explore any neighborhood in Portland and you are sure to find some kind of street art, wall art, or some other colorful work of public creativity.


left, top to bottom: I. Ronni Kappos Multi-Color Circle Necklace, $165 and Jill Platner Cha Cha Cha Earrings, $320. right: The daily commute for so many Portlanders – bikes and bridges.

True Portlanders do not carry umbrellas, we know the names of all twelve bridges spanning the Wilamette River and we own bicycles.  And we ride them. Rain or shine to work and back. Well, at least some of us do.


left: The never-ending shelves of books at Powell’s; right, top to bottom: Andrea Fohrman’s Lapis Crescent Moon with Yellow Sapphire Pendant Necklace, $2600 and LFrank’s Tri-Color Gold Diamond Lucky Star Ring, $1056.

I’m pretty sure the existence of Powell’s (my Happy Place) is a direct result of the sky feeling like it is five feet above our heads from November to June and the constant drizzle which forces us indoors. Not only is it a multi-story maze of floor-to-ceiling shelves, it is a great place to people watch and find a genre you may never have imagined existed (Animal Communication, Dowsing and Pendulums, and, should you be so interested, Excess Culture)


Just yum. The micro-brew craft beers in Portland are (burp) amazing.

MmmmMMmmmmm. Beer. It’s the new wine. There are so many varieties of craft-made, micro-brewed, hand-poured beers here. Discerning the nuances has become an art.


left: Variance Objects Opal Claw Ring, $308., Shamballa Jewels Wood, Sapphire Gold Bead Bracelet, $4736., Julie Rofman Oslo Bracelet, $40; rright: Sarah McGuire Aurelia Necklace, $616., Mikal Winn Brass Mesh Silver Cuff, $144.

Yes, this is our city.


xo. a.

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