and what a time it was...


This past weekend, many Oregonians (and other ‘travelers’) secluded themselves in a dense, mossy forest away from time and place to immerse themselves in a fanciful fair steeped in hippie
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dezso pop-up!


Sara Beltrán, the ever-creative, globe-hopping force behind Dezso, her Mexican-Indian inspired collection of jewelry and accessories, was recently awarded a two day pop-up shop in NYC last week by Target. As
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fields and fields of gems.


  Gemfields is the world’s leading producer of responsibly sourced gemstones. Emeralds from Zambia and rubies from Mozambique, in particular, are produced with an approach which sets new benchmarks for environmental, social
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oh, dezso!


One of the most fascinating collections at TWIST is the beach-inspired, sophisticated surfer jewelry from Sara Beltran, creator of Dezso. Loosely translated, ‘dezso’ means ‘desire’. And this jewelry … well, we
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new bff.


  Our newest collection of incredible jewelry (the buyers here ROCK!) comes from yet another supermodel-esque designer. Ambre Victoria has created a stunning, sumptuous collection in 18K gold and diamonds. Ambre
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