from paris, to you.

The French. Can they do anything that isn’t naturally perfect? The food, the art, the film, the fashion…

And, of course, the jewelry.

Meet Pascale Monvoisin, one of the most popular designers at TWISTonline. Her collection is a beach-inspired, quietly earthy combination of materials resulting in an effortless, casual and bohemian vibe.


French jewelry designer Pascale Monvoisin.


The earthy, beach-inspired and talismanic jewelry of Pascale Monvoisin.

Read about her here.

And, if you are stuck in the gray days of March, visit these two sun-inspired jewelry edits (below) and find something you can wear until the real warmth hits the air.

sun-edit PS-all-in-onexo, a.

ps: credit to Schanel Bakkouche, W, March 1, 2017 for article in link

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