celebrate the moments of your life.

There are certain moments in life that absolutely deserve a piece of memorable jewelry. These moments are once-in-a-lifetime and need to by symbolized by something grand and luxurious. Other moments might rear their heads over and over again and would certainly need to be funded by powerball winnings if you purchased jewelry each time they occurred.

Enter jewelry designer Nora Kogan whose playful, vibrant and irreverently sophisticated gold and enamel rings are the perfect way to celebrate the oh-no-not-again moments:


Maybe you don’t want to be reminded that yes, you are now responsible for a mini adult whose verbal skills have not caught up with their nimble ability to throw their bodies down in protest of socks having wrinkles or, in the case of my child, the sun shining in her eyes.

But being able wear a little ring like this might just sweeten the lifelong deal.


On your special day, you might need a ring-double like this one, should your ring-bearer decide to go rogue and NOT follow through with what was practiced at the rehearsal:




And when you’re feeling like this:


There’s no doubt a finger full of these is the only answer:

160119_BabeThese rings are also available in a multitude of other enamel colors. You can email us if you are interested!

xo, a.

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