back in the day…

And I’m not talking about pre-November 9th. I’m talking about the glory days of music videos, wine coolers, untamed brows, and supermodels.

Back in the day when we didn’t worry as much about our freedom.


And if, back in the day, our supermodel faves had amazing jewelry to wear, this is what they would have picked:


left: the lovely Naomi Campbell; right, from top to bottom: Shihara Large Open Pyramid Earring, $618 and Shihara Extra Large Open Cube Earring, $1058.


left, top to bottom: TinyOm Seven Chakras Necklace, $700 and TinyOm Mini Sahasara Ring, $290; left: the ever-poised Christy Turlington.


left: a wet and wild Tatjana Patitz; right, from top to bottom: Cathy Waterman Golden South Sea and Freshwater Pearl Necklace, $5610 and Nak Armstrong Opal and Moonstone Ear Jackets, $4650.


left, from top to bottom: Mallary Marks Three Pointed Gold Trestle Necklace with Diamonds, $3642 and Triple Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Fiesta Earrings, $9096. right: the sultry Cindy Crawford.


left: a languid Linda Evangelista; right: Bibi van der Velden Scarab Wing Diamond Dangle Earrings, $7325.

They were the best of times…

xo, a.

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