the real debra messing. for real.


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She caught our eye by commenting on some of our Instagram posts:

140509_Dezso_CommentsWhich led us to follow her. Which showed us her deep knowledge about, understanding of and passion for exquisite fine jewelry.

I should have suspected. She played Grace Adler with such confidence, style and finesse, of course she has impeccable taste as well.

We had a fun little virtual meeting and asked her the following questions:

‘Go big or go home’ or ‘small and understated’?       

NO QUESTION – Go big or go home. There is indeed a place and time for understated, and I think when it’s done right, it is beyond chic. For me, jewelry is wearable art, and it empowers and emboldens me, so I like statement pieces most. For example – I love ascher cut diamonds rings. A carat is beautiful, a 5 carat ring is WOW! 

How do you choose award ceremony jewelry?

It’s all about balance and synergy. First trying to decide what statement I want to make as a whole. Then the dress is chosen. Once that is done, it narrows the field very quickly for me as to what I want and don’t want. If it is a strapless dress, I always gravitate toward a grand earring. I won’t wear a necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings all the same time. It becomes too muddled, and you end up seeing nothing. And RINGS are my Achilles heel. If I could I would wear 10 at a time. Every day.


left: BIG emerald ring by Dezso right: BIG beautiful do on Debra

What is the first piece of jewelry you ever received?

Can’t even remember! But it was DEFINITELY from my dad. HE worked in the jewelry manufacturing industry in Rhode Island and would make weekly trips to NYC. He would come home with bags full of jewelry samples he would then manufacture at his factory. I got to keep all of the samples!

What is the first piece of jewelry you remember buying?

It was an emerald cut amethyst set in tri-color gold I bought for $90 at a vintage jewelry store in Manhattan. I had just finished graduate school and had no money, but fell in love. The owner let me pay in $10 monthly installments.


left: Debra wearing a magnificent Sevan Bicakci masterpiece right: Hamsa Ring by Sevan Bicakci

We wish we could invite her to TWIST to play! She’d be a blast!

Until then, we continue to drool over her jewelry choices!

xo, a.

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  1. harvinder

    we love debra messsing as well! she wears our balance rings with pink sapphires and our clarity strength ring together as a stack.


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