who wants $200 to spend at twistonline?

What? I can’t hear you!!! Ohhhh, you do? Ok. Easy-peasy.

We want to know what makes your jewelry style YOURS!

Are you modern and minimal – keeping is simple with a pair of tiny earrings?

Do you wear a favorite combo of bracelets every day?

Are you totally traditional in your wedding set and a classic watch?

Do you mix it up with bold, eclectic layered looks or prefer to keep it subtle and sophisticated?


Let’s all have a style party on Instagram!!!


Follow these rules:

1. Go to your Instagram account – (or set one up, or, email us at customerservice@twistonline.com with an image…we’ll post it).

2. Make sure you follow us @twistonline.

3. Post a photo of your jewelry style (you know you love the selfie!).

4. Tag us @twistonline and add #showyourtwiststyle.

5. Enter again #showyourtwiststyle.

6. And again #showyourtwiststyle.

7. As much as you want! Until midnight of September 31st. Then just post selfies for your friends…

8. We will pick our top 10 favorite images and the winner will be chosen randomly from them on October 1st

9. You have to have fun. It’s a selfie!

Can’t wait to see what you post!!!!

Have a great weekend!

xo, a.

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  1. Mary L.

    love twist


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